Sunshine Coast Termite Inspections

What is a Termite Inspection?

Termite inspections differ from site assessments, as they involve a thorough sweep of your home utilising the latest in termite detection technology: The TermaTrac T3i

This product uses thermal and moisture sensors, as well as sonar movement tracking to confirm the presence of termites. Post-inspection, we will provide you with a comprehensive report that either declares your house termite-free or provides you with full termite treatment and protection recommendations. These kinds of termite inspections may occur pre-purchase (as a part of a building and pest inspection), or yearly as a part of a termite protection plan.

Termite Inspection

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Termite Inspection

Yearly termite inspections in Buderim and other high termite areas are an integral part of termite protection on the Sunshine Coast. The warm, tropical climate is ideal for termite activity – especially for houses in areas like Buderim, Mountain Creek, Peregian Beach, Noosa, Tewantin and hinterland townships. The abundance of foliage can encourage termites to dwell dangerously close to your home. Unfortunately, these critters aren’t aware of the difference between tree branches and timber window frames.

As a part of our thorough service, we will evaluate moisture issues and changing environmental conditions in and around your home. We will also assess the current termite protection measures in place in addition to any threats posed to your property.

The South East Queensland’s tropical climate promises heavy and consistent rain several times throughout the year – it is therefore vitally important to protect your home with a termiticide that is resistant to flooding.

Termidor® has very low solubility and has been proven to bind tightly to organic matter, therefore limiting its movement in the event of consistent rainfall. Even so, a regular termite inspection is recommended to confirm the ongoing efficacy of the chemicals used and save you from falling victim to a silent invasion.
Termite Doctors have been providing termite inspections to residents of the Sunshine Coast and surround for 20+ years – we are therefore experts when it comes to the local climate, current conditions and species of termites found in the area.

Our termite inspections are incredibly thorough – these, combined with our systematic termite treatment methods are the reason why we haven’t been beaten by a termite situation to date.

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