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Welcome to Termite Doctors

Sunshine Coast Termite and Pest Control Experts

We provide fast, effective termite treatments Sunshine Coast locals recommend. Other pest control services are offered too.
Our team understand how stressful finding termites in your home can be. However, this problem is almost always manageable. A termite treatment can be applied quickly to remove termites and deter them for the future.
Termite Doctors are termite control specialists. We can visit your home, wherever you are on the Sunshine Coast. A custom termite inspection can be carried out and eradication or prevention methods applied.

Have You Found Termites On The Sunshine Coast?

Free Termite Assessment

If you think you have found termites in your home, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DISTURB OR DISRUPT THEM. This most often just makes the problem worse. 

The first thing to do is to call us immediately for a FREE termite assessment. We offer these as part of our termite treatment services on the Sunshine Coast. Swift action is the key if you find termites in your home. An entire house can be devoured within 3 months and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair!

When we arrive for your termite assessment, there are a few things you’ll notice about us:

1. We’ll be clean and tidy, wearing our Termite Doctors uniform. You will also be offered a business card to identify ourselves. We understand the importance of personal security and want you to feel certain that we are who we say we are. You’ll also notice our Van!

2. Before we take a step inside to look for termites in you home, we’ll place covers over our shoes so that we don’t track in dirt.

3. We will listen. We ask you to show us where you found the termites and we’ll find out what bothers you most about the termite termination process. Many people realise the need for a termite treatment, but it is how that treatment is carried out that worries them the most. Will there be damage? Will sentimental items or plants be put at risk? How strong is the poison? We’ll explain everything and take note of any concerns to put your mind at ease.

4. We then carry out a thorough termite assessment of the entire property before designing our termite treatment plan. This includes writing up our cost proposal.

5. Upon your agreement to proceed with the termite treatment, we make a firm date to return to carry out the work.

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Termite Treatment Work

The first day we implement the termite treatment for your home. You are supplied with a Certificate of Treatment. We pride ourselves on being very tidy and leaving your home exactly as it was when we arrived.

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Post Treatment Check

If there were active termites as part of a treatment, we return between 30 – 40 days later. This *FREE termite check is to make absolutely sure there is no evidence of termites in your home any more and that your home is well protected.

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We Care… We Listen…

Our Commitment


  • We will act with the utmost honesty, integrity and professionalism in all our dealings with you
  • We will arrive at the agreed time for termite inspections and treatments
  • We will always present ourselves in a clean manner and in uniform
  • We will always carry photo ID and license for your protection
  • We will wear indoor shoe covers every time we work inside your home
  • We will always treat your home with the utmost respect
  • We will take the time to explain any termite treatment options using a language you can understand
  • We will provide you with a Certificate of Treatment and place a durable notice in your meter box after any termite inspection
  • We will always use dedicated chemical tanks so there is no cross-contamination of specialised water repellent chemicals
  • You have our commitment that dealing with us will be as stress-free as possible. We understand finding termites in your home can feel devastating


  • You will notify us if you are unable to keep any pest or termite inspection, or treatment.
  • You will take care of your account promptly and in the manner agreed when booking
  • If you have been blown away by our service you will recommend us to at least one other person. Hopefully we impress you so much that you tell everyone… this is our aim
Your Commitment

Termite Doctors are based in Buderim. We provide termite inspections in Noosa, down to Caloundra and into the hinterland. You will often see us applying termite treatments in Alexandra Headland, inspecting for termites in Mooloolaba and Maroochydore, or installing termite barriers in Sippy Downs, Mountain Creek and Palmview (Harmony) too. Our team are highly recommended, so please notify us if you are unable to keep any appointment as early as possible.

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