What is Termatrac and Why Do We Use It?

In dealing with termite infestations, early detection is the best way to go. Knowing where exactly the colonies are located can make the termite management system more focused and efficient. Identifying termite infestations right away can also determine how quickly they can fully damage a structure. So it is best to act immediately once termite activity has been confirmed to prevent them from reaching a point of being destructive.

As your reliable termite specialists, Termite Doctors ensure that we are fully equipped on all aspects of our job to maintain the high quality of service that we have been offering our clients over the years. Apart from having a highly qualified team, we also use the best tools that could help us locate termite colonies faster and more efficiently.

Termatrac T3i is one of the most innovative termite detection technologies that we are currently utilising. It is an all-sensor device featuring a combination of radar technology, direct moisture sensor and a thermal sensor, which make it a very accurate and robust tool that greatly assist us in locating even the most hidden termite nests in a property.

Here’s what we love about this technology:

  • Precise detection – Its state-of-the-art design and features help our termite specialists to not only detect moisture distinctions but also thermal differences within the property. It also has a powerful radar that can track and confirm termite infestations without much disturbance. This efficient detection process significantly reduces our time in trying to figure out where exactly the termites are hiding so we can proceed to treat the termite issue right away.
  • Smart and Easy to Use – Though Termatrac has extensive functionality, it is not difficult to operate. We can even connect it to our smartphones to see a live feed of the detection activity and easily save the data at the touch of a button.
Whether you want a reliable termite inspection in Noosa, think you might have termites in Mooloolaba, or have bough a new home and want to be sure it remains termite free in Maroochydore, simply call us today. We use Termatrac during all of our termite inspections and can visit your house anywhere on the Sunshine Coast.

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