How Often Should I Have A Termite Inspection ?

Termite Risk Management: How Do I Know If My Property Is At Risk?

According to Australian Standard AS3660.2, professional termite inspections should be conducted at least once every 12 months, and ideally more than once for high risk homes. This is especially the case for high risk sites, such as timber or steel and masonry homes located in bushland or built up urban areas.

As termites attack buildings from underground, and therefore often unnoticed, it’s best to regularly ensure that your home’s termite barriers are intact and well-maintained. Unfortunately, seemingly innocuous landscaping work on your house such as paving, mulching or introducing garden beds next to your house can accidentally damage the termite barriers built into your house, opening up a hidden pathway for termites to enter.

This is why regularly enlisting a termite inspection service to assess your home is important for any Australian homeowner.

What You Can Expect From An Annual Inspection

Termite attacks are usually initiated from a nest in the ground. Termites typically infiltrate a house by building galleries over walls to reach the cellulose, such as timber, in a building.

When delivering an annual inspection, a licensed termite inspector should perform the following:

  • Inspect all landscaping timbers, fencing and timber structures outside and inside the home
  • Review termite barriers and management systems ensuring they are intact and not breached by termites.
  • Inspect around perimeter tramadol weep holes in brick veneer constructions
  • Inspect beneath the house, including stumps, floor frame and perimeter masonry
  • Inspect wet areas, bathrooms and laundries for signs of infiltration

Can I Inspect The Home Myself?

Many household owners mistakenly believe they are saving money with a DIY inspection, performed by a friend or family member. The truth is, without professional training, inspecting your home yourself is risky because you are likely to miss important but subtle signs of a termite infestation. If your termite inspection is performed by an amateur, you risk the possibility that a termite threat or problem will fester undetected, ultimately costing you a lot of money in repairing damages.

An annual professional termite inspection will help you to minimise any termite issues problem before it can spread and damage your property. When you call in a termite inspector, ensure that they are professionally trained and BSA licensed. This will ensure that they can methodically and properly assess your home, providing you with definitive peace of mind.

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