Funnel Ant Treatment

Termites and fire ants usually spring to mind when you think of suburban pests that invade homes and gardens. A lesser known – but equally undesirable – species is the funnel ant. At just 5mm in length, it makes burrows so vast that it can cause extensive soil damage to your backyard.

Funnel ants are common all over Australia – they create funnel-shaped openings to their nests and their homes are often so cavernous that this results in the breakdown of the surrounding earth.

Although their sting is not dangerous, the most frustrating aspect of having a resident funnel ant colony is that they often undo the hard work and time spent on your well-manicured lawn.

These pests can eventually affect whole streets and neighbourhoods if not properly eradicated. Funnel ants favour lawns with good drainage and good soil, meaning that Sunshine Coast homes are ideal places for them to establish their colonies.

Are there funnel ants in my lawn?

Funnel Ant Treatment

If you’re unsure whether or not funnel ants have made a home of your yard, all you have to look for is the funnel ant trademark: raised, funnel-shaped mounds of dirt.

These are made when the ants clear out their nests after rainfall – they get their name from the appearance of this entrance to their nest, which resembles a cone or funnel in the ground.

If you suspect there are funnel ants in your lawn, firstly, don’t panic! The best thing to do is call an expert – there are various ‘home remedies’ available for funnel ant treatment, however they are rarely effective in the long term. We are experts in treating funnel ants on the Sunshine Coast – we can diagnose and carry out effective funnel ant eradication starting at $242.

If you have a suspicion that funnel ants might be occupying your outdoor living space, give the team at Termite Doctors a call!


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