Digging and Tarp Use

Digging and Tarp Use: We Do Things Differently

At Termite Doctors our main focus is on how we can properly treat termites in your home. We are also concerned about how we can make the service as easy and convenient to you as possible. From the moment you contact us for assistance, up to the conclusion of the termite treatment, we aim to diminish any disturbance to your property as much as we can.

Though we understand how important it is for you to keep your house clean and untouched, getting rid of termites may require some disruption. As an example, digging on your lawn or garden is often required for us to carry out our termite termination process. Since we use a liquid soil solution (Termidor® and Termidor HE) for termite treatment, prevention and control, there is a need for us to excavate the soil around your property.

While other termite professionals would normally dig straightaway and apply the termiticide right after, we do things a little differently. We first lay tarpaulins around the area before starting the digging process. All dug up dirt will be placed on the tarp so it remains restricted to only one area. This helps ensure that the post-treatment mess is kept to a minimum.

If we spot some debris as we dig the footings, we will remove this to ensure total penetration of the chemical. After completely trenching around the perimeter, we then apply the right amount of accurately mixed Termidor® to the trenched area. Once all areas have been treated, we return the soil back into the trench adding sandy loam if needed for a more solid finish.

We believe that apart from keeping your home termite-free, we also have the responsibility to be professionals and respect your property all throughout the course of our service. Not only do we provide a thorough inspection and high-quality termite management systems, but we also prioritize good customer relationship.

If you trust our skilled team to handle your termite-related issues, be confident that your home, lawn or garden will not be neglected as we always clean up properly before we leave. Any area in your home where we worked on will be back to its original state or even better.

Call us anytime on 0403 979 856 and let’s figure out the best way to resolve your termite problem in the very best professional manner. Whether you need a termite treatment in Alexandra Headland, found termites in Buderim or would like a termite inspection in Noosa, we can provide a friendly professional service, guaranteed.


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