A Destructive Dilemma: Termite Infestations and How to Stop Them

Finding Termites are in your home can be one of the most heartbreaking scenarios for homeowners.

These virtually silent and often undetected pests can secretly hide (and thrive) in your home, and you might not know they’ve invaded your property until you accidentally bump into a wall, skirting or window sill and find just the paint covering an active infestation. These silent destroyers have the potential to eat away at your home, documents, clothes and just about anything you own once they gain access to it. What’s worse, termite problems happen everywhere, but the Sunshine Coast with it’s blessed sub tropical climate and humidity is one of the more known active areas of Termite infestation in Australia. It’s paradise for both them and us

Digging and Tarp Use: We Do Things Differently

Unlike most pests, termites have senses that alert them to danger. They are able to detect harmful chemicals in the soil, allowing them to actively stay away and explore other areas around your home so they can get inside.

These highly capable pests are also skilled architects, able to build some of the most complex insect nests out there. These nests contribute to their elusiveness, making it difficult for contractors to find them.

Superior Treatment Without Compromising the Home

Termiticides have long been the weapon of choice against termites. There are many different types of termiticides on the market, however they are not all the same and each gives different degrees of success. At Termite Doctors we do NOT use the inferior non- generic chemicals, and is why we choose the superior BASF Termidor Termiticide and now the newer and more effective version Termidor HE with its associated $2 Million Dollar Warranty.

Termite Doctors is now able to offer the new termiticide onhealthy called Termidor HE. Termidor HE (High-Efficiency) can enable us to effectively treat more homes than before. Its advanced polymer technology allows its active ingredients to spread downward and sideways more effectively. This means that Termidor HE is applicable in shallower trenches, leading to less property damage, wider hole spaces in concrete and tiled concrete areas and more termite protection.

This advanced termiticide doesn’t just save your property from damage. It also “works” smart in keeping termites away. Because unlike other termiticides Termidor and Termidor HE are both undetectable, which means termites enter and are affected in the treated areas. When a termite which is affected by Termidor, returns to their nest they unknowingly spread the termiticide to other members of the colony.

We have been using this Termidor Transfer effect to manage termite infestations and protect termite colonies for approximately 12 years at Termite Doctors.

Termidor HE’s efficacy is so convincing that it even has a $2 million warranty, covering your home for structural damage. This warranty also comes with the Accredited Termidor Applicator guarantee, ensuring that you get only the best trained termite professional available. Note: – this warranty from BASF can only be issued if a full treatment can be completed to Australian Standards AS3660

Termites are certainly troublesome, which is why you should act as quick as possible to manage them. Investing in a Superior Termidor or Termidor HE termite treatment helps you hit two birds with one stone— no more termites and no more chance of termites coming back.

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